Science and Surveys

This section contains some the extensive scientific studies and survey reports on the nature reserves and surrounding  countryside.

Many scientific papers do not work well on webpages so the reports are presented as pdf files which will open in new tabs.

Breeding bird survey at Etton Maxey 2019 recorded by Bob Titman



Etton Maxey pits

Waders at Etton Maxey 2019 recorded by Bob Titman




Heritage orchard at Etton High Meadow.  Record of trees planted. Survey by Keren and Mick Thomson.



Autumn Lady’s Tresses at Swaddywell Photo: Brian Lawrence

Wildflower records for Swaddywell, compiled by Jean Stowe January 2020





Autumn Ladies Tresses at Swaddywell – report by Jean Stowe 2019




Pyramidal orchid

Heath Road flora survey by Jean Stowe 2019




Langdyke small Mammal survey


Langdyke Small Mammal Survey 2016-2018






Etton Maxey


Etton Maxey – Invertebrate survey 2015




Swaddywell Invertebrate survey 2015






Bryophyte & lichen survey of Bainton Heath 2012 


Bainton Heath


Bainton Heath – Invertebrate Survey 2011



Swaddywell Pit


Diptera recorded at Swaddywell Pit 2009



Bainton Heath


The Wildlife Interest of Bainton Pits 2000