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How to … make a feeder

In the latest of our How to … series of articles –  in which we dish out simple advice on ways to better enjoy nature in your garden – Keren Thomson sets out a simple way of turning an apple into a tasty treat that will attract more birds to your garden  …


Here’s a recipe for young and old  to follow to create an apple bird feeder for your garden.

Children will  also enjoy helping to make this simple feeder but please note they may need a little adult supervision.  

This recipe makes four feeders.

Step 1: Get your ingredients together

All you need:

Two large eating apples (any variety)
Jar smooth peanut butter
Bird seed and dried mealworms mixed (mealworms optional)
Apple corer or skewer
Knife to spread the peanut butter
String or garden twine
Chopping board
Sharp knife (adult use only)
Large eyed yarn needle or child’s plastic needle – cheap and easy to buy online using search terms:  “large eye plastic yarn needles” or “children’s plastic safety needles”

Once you’ve got all the ingredients together this is how to do it:

Step 2: Get mixing

Mix the seed and mealworms together in a tray.

Step 3: String and apples

Cut the string in approx. 4 x 40 cm lengths and tie a large knot in each length at one end.
Thread the needle with a length of the string.
Place the apples on the chopping board and cut them horizontally using the sharp knife. . *If using a corer, core the apple before cutting in half.

Step 4: Make a hole

Using the skewer bore a hole from the uncut edge through to the flat cut edge (use circular movements to make the hole big enough).

Step 5: Add peanut butter

Liberally spread the cut face and sides of the apple with the peanut butter.

Step 6: Dip in

Press the peanut butter sides of the apple in the tray of seed/ dried mealworms mix, ensuring well covered.

Step 7: The messy bit!

Gently thread the string through the hole in the apple.

Step 8: Hang it up

Hang your new bird feeder from a tree or post.

















Step 9: Enjoy the birds

Alternatively, if you just want to place on the floor for the ground feeders do not bore the hole or thread the string.