Barnack Hills and Holes

This a circular walk around the Hills and Holes National Nature Reserve in Barnack. Parking is in the main car park just off Wittering Rd, from the car park there is a slope leading though a gate to the main reserve,

Map by Peter Leverington

The beginning of the walk is waymarked and signposted, with gates situated throughout the trail, the gates have long handles for ease of opening. The pathways are mainly Grassland and Natural Trodden Ground.

At intervals some of the pathways are of a steep incline / decline. There are seats available in places.

At wider sections of the pathway deep “holes” are visible from the quarrying carried out over 1500 years earlier.The site is marked out with Limestone Walk signs.

The walk is approximately 1.5km and takes about 30 minutes. It is described on noticeboards at the main car park. Please note that animals may be grazing in some areas and that dogs should be kept under close control everywhere and not taken into the compartments in which there are grazing animals..