September in pictures

Here’s an unusual shot – a Ramshorn snail enjoying the autumn sunshine (slowly, of course!) near the cabin at Swaddywell Pit nature reserve.

The photo – which we are making our image of the month for September – was taken by Duncan Kirkwood.

Each month we select photographs taken by our Facebook members and posted on our site. They might not be technically perfect – but they sum up the events of that month. Here are some other images from September.

This Fox Moth caterpillar was spotted at Barnack Hills and Holes and photographed by Antony Mould.

Fox Moth caterpillar, Hills and Holes Photo: Antony Mould

Malcolm Hillier came across this Sallow Moth at Castor Hanglands.

Sallow Moth, Castor Hanglands Photo: Malcolm Hillier

And Angela Trotter caught this glimpse of a Small Heath Butterfly at Etton Maxey reserve.

Small Heath butterfly, Etton Maxey Reserve Photo: Angela Trotter

This deer has become  a regular sight at Etton Maxey, this time captured on camera by Steve Zealand.

Deer, Etton Maxey reserve Photo: Steve Zealand

Steve also took this shot of a rather grumpy looking Hebridean Ram – one of the Langdyke flock – having a rest after grazing Vergette Wood Meadow with his eight other mates, a mix of Jacob, Hebridean and Soay rams.

Hebridean Ram, Vergette Wood Meadow Photo: Steve Zealand

Doing an equally good job of cutting back the growth on our reserves were members of the Eastern Reserves work party.  Martin Parsons is seen here sharpening his scythe before having another go at the reed bed which needs some reduction.

Martin Parsons sharpening his scythe ahead of more reed cutting at Etton Maxey Photo: Keren Thomson

Our work parties have been busy on all of our reserves during September.

One of the tasks was painting and repairing the cabin at Torpel. Chris Grant and Cliff Stanton are busy in this shot taken by Anne Bell.

Chris Grant and Cliff Stanton working on the cabin at Torpel Photo: Anne Bell

Mike Horne took this photo of another work party – this time at Castor Hanglands. We are always looking for volunteers for our work parties.  They carry out a wide variety of essential tasks (all socially distanced to meet Coronavirus guidelines) and there are a good range of jobs to do. You can find out more about how to volunteer here

Work party at Castor Hanglands. Photo: Mike Horne

And finally … this month’s most unusual shot of the benefits of nature was taken by Claire Noble after a walk around Swaddywell with her four-year-old son who took his sword along (to the pit referred to as Swordywell by poet John Clare) just in case.

They collected blackberries and apples – and enjoyed this lovely crumble when they got home.

Blackberry and Apple crumble – baked after a walk around Swaddywell Photo: Claire Noble