Great fen project appeal

The wildlife trust is looking for volunteers to help plant a few plants – well 200,000 of them to be precise.

And the organisation is appealing to Langdyke members to see if they are willing to get involved.

It is part of a Great Fen Water Works project to carry out wet farming planting.

The local branch of the Wildlife Trust is creating  field scale trials of wet farming to test innovative new crops for food, healthcare and industry, and to lock in carbon.  A large part of the project will be working with local farmers, food producers and landowners to create and test this new way of farming and to share lessons learned along the way.

The Trust’s Rachel Price said: “We’re looking for small groups, so if anyone would like to come along, please ask them to contact me at It would be super if there were four or five Langdyke members to form a group.”

The Trust hopes to start planting this month  through to the end of November (weather and ground conditions allowing).

Ideally, the Trust is looking for a small group of volunteers who could mainly work in the week and due to the complications of Covid-19 it can only offer whole days, 10am – 3pm, not half days.

By taking part in this project members can take positive action for Climate Change, protecting peat soils, locking in carbon and cleaning water, as well as helping to create wet habitats to benefit wildlife.

More details on the Wildlife Trust website here and here