Harriet’s artwork appeal

There is a chance for Langdyke members to help create a unique piece of sculpture.

As part of the Langdyke 20th anniversary September celebrations the Trust has asked Harriet Mead – who is a leading guest at the event – to produce a piece of Langdyke art.

Harriet has chosen to create a sculpture of an otter.You can see examples of the kind of wonderful artwork that Harriet produces using scrap metal of all kinds – like the Wisbech Hare above –  on her website: http://harrietmead.co.uk/

Harriet has asked if Langdyke members could bring bits and pieces of metal along to the celebration event on September 13 so we can take them away and blend them into the artwork.

Richard Astle has two pieces of Harriet’s work made up of things like dog chains, scissor blades, screws, slotted spoons, rakes and nuts and bolts – so have a look in your shed or garage and bring them along, 

The finished work will be on display at various locations next year.