Steering group meets at Torpel Field cabin

The latest meeting of the New Networks for Nature steering committee was held at Torpel Field cabin.

The group is currently in the final stages of planning for their annual conference, this year held in York. The Trust welcomed the group to Torpel Manor Field in the heart of John Clare country.

Michael J. Warren (secretary) said, “We were delighted to meet at Torpel Field because the location’s rich natural history and cultural heritage, and indeed the eco-design of the lodge itself, are so appropriate to what we do.

“It made such a difference to discuss this year’s conference on nature in such beautiful and sympathetic surroundings. This meeting also marked the departure of Professor Tim Birkhead as chair, after ten years in the post since the organisation’s founding days, so it felt extra special. Thank you Langdyke Trust and we hope you’ll have us back.”

The next New Networks for Nature conference will be held at St. Peter’s School  in York, Thursday  October 31 to Sunday November 3 2019. This year’s event features speakers and performers such as Sam Lee, street artist ATM (who will be painting a huge Tansy Beetle in York specially for New Networks) and Chris Packham.

Full details of the programme and bookings can be found at 

Shown in the picture (from left)  are Amy-Jane Beer, John Fanshawe,  Richard Kerridge, Mike Toms, Mary Colwell, Tim Birkhead and Michael J. Warren.