C4’s local bee campaign

Members of Langdyke may be interested to know that Channel 4 TV have commissioned a “Bee Campaign” for the Peterborough area.

Trust members and reserve managers have long understood that the insect world underpins many of the sights and sounds we enjoy.

The variety of habitats and plants we host encourages a huge variety of ”wild” insects and invertebrates, with an equally wide following  amongst members – judging by the Facebook images and “what is this” dialogues.

In the past 12 months, LCT have created 3 pallet-size bug hotels on the reserves, and also host several hives of domesticated pollinators at Etton – honey bees!

However the overall insect population is in decline. 

In addition to an expected loss of familiar birds (swifts, martins and swallows for example), it is also claimed that the consequent loss of pollination is a significant threat to world-wide and UK agriculture. 

It is in this context that Channel 4 TV have commissioned a “Bee Campaign”. In the best citizen science way, this will kick off with a “baseline count” led by a personality (in this case Jimmy Doherty of Jimmy’s Farm fame, pictured above) to take place in Peterborough on Thursday  July 18 and requiring lots of volunteers.

To take part, please contact the TV production company via beecampaign@redskyproductions.co.uk  or by phone to 0141 343 7782.