Search is on for lost ‘manor house’

There’s a chance for you to be involved in helping with an exploration of a lost ‘manor house’ site in Ufford.

The next Langdyke History and Archaeology Group (HAG) event at the venue is over the weekend of February 23 and 24.

During the weekend the group activity will include a survey and test pitting examination of an area of woodland in the north end of Ufford parish, which appears to be the site of a manor house abandoned in the late 1600’s and now completely hidden above ground.

This will be the group’s first visit to what may well become a major project. All help is welcome, regardless of whether you have done anything like this before with help and guidance on offer from the regular team.

Weather permitting, the visit is taking place at this time of the year because later on nettles will be covering the site.

Please dress according to the weather forecast as this is an outdoor activity.

Refreshments will be available, though a packed lunch is advised.  Strong gloves are recommended.  All tools and equipment will be supplied.

All welcome for one or both days.  Please book your place with either Frieda Gosling on 01780 740343 or Mike Clatworthy on 01780 764062. Alternatively you can email Mike: