Image of the month


Each month we select a photograph taken by one of our members. It might not be technically perfect – but it sums up the events of that month. Here are some  of them

April 2019

This is our April image – displaying the magic of early Spring at Barnack Hills and Holes.  Langdyke member Michael Jarman was one the first to  capture and load on to our Facebook page the first signs of the unique Pasque flowers together with cowslips.
Please note: Michael is responsible for the creation of this website, but it was the decision of the editor to choose this photo, not his!

The first Pasque flowers and cowslips at Barnack Hills and Holes







March 2019

This  Bank Vole pictured pinching a few scraps from under a bird feeder at the Swaddywell Pits reserve was our March image.  It was taken by Duncan Kirkwood and uploaded to the Langdyke group facebook page.

Bank Vole, Swaddywell: Duncan Sargent Kirkwood – Please click to enlarge

February 2019

This is our February image – capturing a bird rarely seen in Langdyke country.  This Coue’s Arctic Redpoll was seen at  Swaddywell on  February 2.  It was photographed by Sarah Lambert. This is only the second sighting in Peterborough of this small bird, which winters in very small numbers in this country.

Coue’s Arctic Redpoll – Please click to enlarge


January 2019

Its was cold, but it didn’t stop everyone having fun at a wassail event held at Etton High Meadow. Visitors banged pots and pans and enjoyed music by Alan Wood and friends. The aim was to wake up the sleeping fruit trees in the community orchard so that they will be full of fruit in the summer. Langdyke Treasurer and Trustee Brian Lawrence took the photo.

Click to enlarge

December 2018

The red berries which the Dunnock is perched on bring a seasonal touch to our December image captured at Swaddywell Pit by Andy Smith.  During his walk he reported seeing a green woodpecker, redwing, fieldfare, tree sparrows, goldfinch, red kite, kestrel, assorted tits and a pair of male bullfinches. A good day out!

click to enlarge

November 2018

Here is the image for November.  It is a spectacular view of the murmuration over one of the bird hides at the Etton Maxey reserve.  It was taken by Bob Titman.

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October 2018

This is the October image – just one of the finds at a small mammal survey carried our at the Vergette Wood-Meadow at Etton.  It was taken by Martin Parsons.

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This is the latest reserve to be taken on by the Langdyke Countryside Trust. It is on the left just over the bridge as you leave Etton to head for Maxey.

Vergette Wood