LCT- East


Langdyke’s eastern reserves – an introduction

The reserves in the eastern area of Langdyke country are all in a strip of land between the villages of Etton and Maxey.

Etton-Maxey nature reserve is the largest area  the countryside trust maintains.  A former site for gravel extraction it sits alongside the current area being worked by Tarmac. It is grazed all year round by sheep.

Etton High Meadow consists of a barn, a series of paddocks, a community orchard with more than 70 fruit trees and six allotments for local residents to use.

Directly opposite on the other side of the Etton road is Vergette Wood Meadow – the latest reserve to join the Langdyke family.  It is a mix of meadow land and flooded woodland. A project is underway to encourage Turtle Doves to use it.

Etton Maxey Etton Meadow Vergette Wood