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Harriet our next guest

Wildlife artist Harriet Mead is to be Langdyke’s next online guest as part of the popular fortnightly  In conversation with … series.

Harriet Mead – Photo: Brian Lawrence

Harriet – who is the President of the Society of Wildlife Artist – is famous for her work using animals and birds as her subjects.

She will be chatting online with Langdyke chair Richard Astle next Wednesday, July 29 at 5pm using the Zoom conferencing system. You can find details of how to log on are at the bottom of this story.

She says on her website: “Animals and birds are the inspiration for my work.  From an early age I developed a keen interest in wildlife due to the influence of my late father, Chris Mead, who was a well known author and broadcaster.

“His passion for birds and nearly forty years of research, and latterly publicity for the British Trust for Ornithology gave me an appreciation of the natural beauty of birds and animals.

“From an early age I was encouraged to observe British wildlife and was fortunate to have cats, dogs and horses to watch, draw and enjoy.  I have used personal experience and observation to provide the subject matter for my work and have traveled to various places around the world, including Asia and Africa.”

Harriet uses steel to create her sculptures because she says it enables her to capture the movement of the subject and balance the pieces in a way that would be impossible using a more traditional material.

She adds: “I try very hard to capture the essence of the animal without sentimentality and use the steel in a sympathetic way to outline the strength and muscle structure of the subject.  I want to capture something of the quiet presence of an animal and not necessarily the drama.  I use scrap steel as the rust creates a wonderful organic surface sympathetic to the subject.”

Most of her larger work is made using sheet steel with scrap pieces incorporated for details.  These sculptures are often life sized and are sometimes mistaken for bronzes or even the real thing.

You can join the online conversation by clocking on this link: or copying the following into your browser


You do not need to download any software and the session will not be open until just before 5pm on Wednesday.

A dragonfly sculpture by Harriet Mead
Photo: Brian Lawrence