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November in pictures

The magic of autumn’s vibrant colours is reflected in a host of images taken at Langdyke’s reserves during November.

This late afternoon shot shows the splendour of Swaddywell and captures the reserve in all of its glory.  It was taken by Duncan Kirkwood and we have chosen it as our image of the month for November.

Each month we select photographs taken by our Facebook members and posted on our site. They might not be technically perfect – but they sum up the events of that month. Here are some other images from November. You can click on them to enhance your viewing.

This is another shot of Swaddywell taken by Duncan at around the same time.

Late afternoon at Swaddywell Photo: Duncan Kirkwood

We have a range of images from the month displaying the brilliance of the Autumn colours. They include this sunset scene taken along the Maxey Cut by Suzanne Cade.

Sun down over the Maxey Cut Photo: Suzanne Cade

And this late afternoon photo of Etton Maxey reserve captures our sheep enjoying the last of the sunshine before darkness engulfs them. It was taken by Julie Budnik-Hillier.

Langdyke’s sheep brave the autumn chill at Etton Maxey Photo: Julie Budnik-Hillier

Once again the magic of the daily murmurations over the Etton Maxey reserve have resulted in many images being taken and posted by our members. They include these two shots.  The first by Martin Browne and the second by Sarah Lambert.

A spectacular evening shot over Etton Maxey Photo: Duncan Browne
A murmuration over Etton Maxey Photo: Sarah Lambert

Other great images from the month include these.

Shaggy ink caps near the car park at Swaddywell Photo: Brian Lawrence
Rose hips at Swaddywell Photo: Sarah Lambert
A reed bunting at Etton Maxey reserve Photo: Angela Trotter
Redwing Photo: Steve Zealand
Great white egret spotted at Etton Maxey Photo: Nathan Stimpson
A Common Darter enjoying the autumn sunshine at Swaddywell Photo: Duncan Kirkwood
A buzzard surveying its prey over Etton Maxey Photo: Julie Budnik-Hillier
The beauty of Autumn Photo: Duncan Kirkwood
An Oak in autumn at Swaddywell Photo: Sarah Lambert



New murmuration video

They are back.  And the this year’s murmuration of starlings has been incredibly spectacular.

Langdyke member Michael Jarman took this video of the birds over the Trust’s Etton Maxey nature reserve§§.

Visitors who have already witnessed the sight with around 20,000 birds say the best time to see it is between 3.45pm and 4.30pm.  Places to view include the Maxey Cut, Woodgate Lane, Maxey and the Etton Maxey nature reserve.

To view the video please click  here