John Clare Countryside Vision Project

John Clare Countryside vision

‘… we want the countryside around us to be an area where nature is at the heart of our lives. Where swifts and swallows are a central feature of our summer evenings, where otters continue to enthral people as they play, where bees and other insects thrive, not decline, and where there are far more, not less, ponds, meadows, wild flowers, hedgerows and trees; where people can walk or cycle out in safety and tranquility across this thriving countryside, enjoying the sights and sounds and even the silence of the natural world; enjoying dark skies and cherishing the heritage around them – both natural and man- made …’

Read our vision for a heritage landscape with nature at its heart  here

Parish Nature Recovery plan: Click  here

December 2020: Update – Thank you to nature plan. You can read it here


November 2020:  Poetry in motion – an article in Country Life magazine. Copyright of the magazine:   You can read it  here 

October 2020:  Fourteen parishes now actively backing the scheme.  More details here

September 2020: A Peterborough Telegraph article about the vision is here