December in pictures

This fantastic winter sunset was what greeted walkers who went for a bird-watching ramble around the Maxey-Etton reserve and nearby Cut earlier in December.

The picture was captured by Mick Thomson and we have chosen it as our image of the month for December.

Each month we select photographs taken by our members. They might not be technically perfect – but they sum up the events of that month. Here are some other images from December.

Participants on the walk, which was led by Bob Titman, were also treated to this spectacular starlings murmuration, captured by Angela Trotter.

The spectacular Starling murmuration over Etton Maxey; Photo: Angela Trotter

Winter is well and truly with us now and the colours in our reserves reflect that.

These Hawthorn berries make a vibrant statement in contrast to the other colours of the season.  They were spotted and photographed by Sarah Lambert during a visit to Swaddywell.

A seasonal view of Hawthorn berries on a bush at Swaddywell. Photo: Sarah Lambert

Sarah also took this image of Swaddywell in all of its winter glory.

The magnificence of Swaddywell in winter. Photo: Sarah Lambert

As usual our volunteers have carried on with their work on the reserves.

Clearing out a nest box was one of the tasks at Swaddywell when Kathryn Parsons came across this spider sheltering from the cold.

A spider found in a bird box at Swaddywell. Photo: Kathryn Parsons

As always there was plenty  of work to do during the month. A good bonfire helps clear space and keep the cold away from volunteers at the same time. This photo at Etton Maxey was taken by Keren Thomson,

Bonfire time at Etton Maxey during one of the Monday work parties. Photo Keren Thomson

A few days later similar clearing up duties were underway at Swaddywell in this image captured by Sue Welch.

Tidying up during a work party at Swaddywell. Photo: Sue Welch

The History and Archaeology group has also been busy on the Torpel Manor site, seen here making delicate repairs to an ancient wall. The photo was taken by Mary Purdon.

The History and Archaeology group busy on a wall on the Torpel Manor site. Photo: Mary Purdon

While we all sit down to enjoy our Christmas lunch let’s not forget the Trust’s flock of sheep – who work 24/7 to keep the grass down across all of our reserves.  They enjoyed an early Christmas feast during one of the work parties at Etton Maxey, tucking into some sugar beet. The occasion was captured by Kathryn Parsons,

Some of the Langdyke sheep enjoying a Christmas-time lunch of sugar beet. Photo: Kathryn Parsons