September in pictures

Here is a lovely summer sight to savour as autumn colours take over in the countryside we all enjoy.

This photograph of a Common Blue butterfly was captured at Swaddywell Pit Nature Reserve by Langdyke member Brian Lawrence. We have chosen it as our image of the month for September.

Each month we select photographs taken by our members. They might not be technically perfect – but they sum up the events of that month. Here are some other images from September.

During his walk around Swaddywell, Brian also took this photograph of blackberries on a bush at the reserve.

Blackberries at Swaddywell. Photo: Brian Lawrence

During September there  has been a relatively rare find growing near the water’s edge  at Vergette Wood Meadow, Etton.

Trifid Bur-marigold Bidens tridentata at Vergette Wood Meadow. Photo: Sarah Lambert


This is Trifid Bur-marigold – also known as Bidens tridentata – found on the edge of the lake , the first record of this species locally since 1976, when Terry Wells recorded it at Upton.

Sarah Lambert, who took this photograph, says it is a late flowering annual species that favours nutrient-rich mud at the edges of rivers, ponds and lakes, and is very uncommon away from the Nene valley.

Sarah wrote on Facebook: “It is a declining species, specially in south-east England, so a good one to have in a Langdyke Trust reserve.”

The turtle doves at Etton Maxey have again been regularly seen during August ahead of their expected migration.

A turtle dove at Etton Maxey. Photo: Martin Browne

This image of just one of a small, but healthy, number was captured by Martin Browne.

Other bird life at the reserve included this Partridge family.

The Partridge Family! Breakfast time at Etton Maxey. Photo: John Parsonage


The picture was taken by John Parsonage.

As usual, our working parties have been busy carrying out tasks at our reserves.

Clearing the pond at Etton High Meadow. Photo: Keren Thompson

This image shows work underway to clear the pond at Etton High Meadow of rotting and damaging plant life.  As well as cleaning up the water, branches were removed from surrounding trees to let light in and undergrowth trimmed away. The photo was taken by Keren Thomson.

It’s not all work and no play as this party image of the Western reserves work team shows.

Party time at Swaddywell. Working party members enjoy lunch after another hard working session Photo: Sue Welch

Sue Welch took this picture of the team enjoying their well deserved annual barbecue.