All set for fungal foray

The Langdyke Fungal Foray has become an unmissable annual walkabout.

So there are likely to be plenty of participants for this year’s event on  Sunday,  October 6.

Leader David Cowcill says the success of the foray  – likely to be through Castor Hanglands  – will depend to a large extent on weather and what delights may be on view.

David said: “Cap and stem fungi are hard to find this year because it has been too warm and dry. But tree-borne bracket fungi are plentiful.”

He gives, as an example, this chicken-in-the-woods fungi (pictured below) on a plum tree in the John Clare Cottage garden.  The photo was taken by Sharon of JCC.

If you would like to attend then you  will need to meet at Southey Woods Car Park for a 1.30 prompt start. The guided walk is free to members.  Footwear appropriate to the weather conditions is advised.