Bulldozers on reserve

You may have been concerned to see a bulldozer on the North paddock of the Etton-Maxey reserve.

But don’t be worried. Work is being carried out by Tarmac – which actually owns the land – to reclaim the soil bund and move it to a new site.

Work started this week to dig out some surplus top soil stored under North Paddock at the top end of the reserve. This soil will be used to restore nearby quarried land to something that once again provides eco-system services such as food production.

The first task is to remove the top vegetation with a dozer. Then an excavator and trucks will move the soil to where it is required.

Finally the paddock and its fence will be made good again. The work is expected to take about six weeks to complete.

During this time our sheep will be kept over on the west side of the reserve, well away from the work area.