May in pictures

Well done to Langdyke member Nathan Stimpson for two top sightings at Etton Maxey reserve during May.  He was first to spot a rare purple heron and followed it up with this even rarer Four Spotted moth which we have chosen as our image of the month.

We have also decided to include this image of the purple heron, snatched by Mike Weedon as it flew over the reserve.  Two great photos marking a great month at the reserve.

Each month we select photographs taken by our members. They might not be technically perfect – but they sum up the events of that month. Here are some other images from May.

This is also an unusual picture taken by Langdyke stalwart David Cowcill at the Etton Maxey reserve.  It shows a bee swarm. Fortunately David was able to get in touch with a bee keeper and the swarm was saved to a hive located on one of our reserves.

Bee swarm at Etton Maxey: Photo by David Cowcill

And finally for this month.  Here’s a great shot of a bank vole creeping around in the undergrowth at Swaddywell Nature Reserve.

Bank vole, photographed at Swaddywell Nature Reserve by Duncan Kirkwood