Bats, newts, nightingales

An event that was so popular last year is being repeated again – but with an added extra.

A night time walk around Castor Hanglands National Nature Reserve last summer was organised to hear the Nightingale sing – with the chance also to spot Great Crested Newts as well using powerful torches.

It proved to be a great night with a number of opportunities to hear the distinctive sound of the birds.

This year the event is being held again – with the chance to also study bats

The Langdyke team are planning to use special equipment to help identify the whereabouts of the bats.

Your guides on the walk will be Mike Horne and Richard Astle who will be taking walkers to various spots to hear the fabulous sounds of the nightingales.

Mike Horne explained: ” Sadly, due largely to habitat loss, Nightingales, bats and Greater Crested Newts are becoming scarcer as the years roll along, so this is a good opportunity to reacquaint yourselves with what they look and sound like.

“The nightingales are arriving back from their over wintering grounds in the dry savannahs of sub-Saharan Africa, and if you’ve never before heard one, then this is the perfect opportunity.

“Once the light starts to fall we’ll also be on the lookout for bats. Natural England have kindly offered to bring along some hi tech equipment that will allow us to listen to the bats – and identify which species they are, as they are out hunting for their dinner.

“We’ve also got several high powered torches that will help us spot Britain’s largest newt, the Great Crested, as they swim around in the deepest parts of the ponds. ”

The event is being held on Thursday, May 16, starting at 7.30pm.

If you would like to attend you should meet at the north west entrance to the Hanglands opposite Southey Woods car park on the Langley Bush Road out of Helpston.

It’s a good idea to make sure you are wearing the appropriate clothing for the evening depending on the weather.  You are also advised to bring a torch.